Exploring the World of AI

Exploring the World of AI

With “Exploring the World of AI,” we developed a MOOC guided by constructionist learning theory enabling everyone to learn about AI. The course is available in English and German and has attracted 15.000+ learners since 2021.

Target group

Students, teachers, everyone interested in.


Nowadays, we encounter artificial intelligence (AI) everywhere. It is used in our smartphones, cars, and healthcare. How does our mobile phone know which song we want to listen to? How can cars drive autonomously? How can computer systems recognize whether a person is ill or not? Sounds like magic? 
This course will help students discover the basics of AI and its ideas. Together, we will determine what artificial intelligence means, how a computer can learn to play a game, and what distinguishes symbolic AI from machine learning. We explore different types of machine learning to predict whether our digital monkeys will bite or get rich by prospecting for gold in the Wild West. We also look at the social implications of artificial intelligence and discuss whether machines can think and what impact AI has on our society. Teachers who would also like to teach AI to others, there are some ideas and teaching materials for you. 

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Tilman Michaeli, Michael Seeger


Tilman Michaeli, tilman.michaeli@tum.de



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