Toolbox Teacher Education

Toolbox Teacher Education

The learning platform stands for multimedia, interactive, and high-quality OER materials for STEM teacher education. It supports educators, student teachers, and teachers in all the various phases of high school and vocational teacher training in making teaching and learning digital, coherent, and innovative.

Target group

Educators in all phases of teacher training, student teachers in higher education, teachers.


Our vision is to open up a wide range of opportunities to design teaching and learning at a high level in a profession-oriented, individualized and flexible manner. These goals are used in the design of the learning platform in order to contribute to a successful coordination between the three disciplines (subject, subject didactics, educational science/psychology) of teacher education and further training. We also offer support for other university locations and subsequent phases of teacher education to enable area-wide application.


Our mission is to develop an evidence-based online learning platform to promote a coherent, digitally-supported teacher education that links all three disciplines in all phases.

Project Outline

The publicly accessible platform can be used in teaching and further training events in all phases of teacher education as well as for individual development of the content in self-study. The modules cover three topics (one per the three disciplines – subject, subject didactics, educational science/psychology – of teacher education) and are made up of different media components, which can be used in combination or singularly. The components range from theoretical knowledge, scripted lesson videos, and examples of application to video tutorials, interactive dynamic visualizations and learning tasks.For an overview of all available topics click here.

Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung (BMBF)

Available Video Material

We produced 45 scripted video sequences covering the modules’ topics. All videos are listed on our website and in the Meta-Videoportal. Additionally, the interactive dynamic visualizations are available to download and use as well.

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