Epic AI, an advanced language model, transforms the way students conduct scientific experiments. It analyzes experiment protocols, accurately identifies common errors and provides personalized feedback for a deeper understanding of scientific methods. Epic AI not only encourages students to recognize errors, but also guides them to correct them, making the learning process richer and more effective. Through Epic AI, educators can ensure a comprehensive and efficient learning experience.

Target Group

Whether you’re a student striving for accuracy in your experiments, a teacher striving for excellence
in education, or a researcher aiming for groundbreaking discoveries, Epic AI is the tool for you. It’s
not just about avoiding mistakes, it’s about equipping the next generation of scientists with the
knowledge and confidence.


At the heart of every scientific discovery is a carefully designed experiment. But even the most
diligent students can overlook critical details in their experimental protocols, leading to comon
challenges that corrupt results and findings. That’s where Epic AI (Experiment Protocol Inspection
and Correction AI) comes in – your automated ally in the quest for scientifically clean experiments.

Project Outline

Epic AI leverages the power of state-of-the-art language models to accurately analyze student experiment protocols. Because Epic AI understands the nuances of scientific procedures, it accurately identifies common errors and ensures that every step of the experiment leads to success. But Epic AI
doesn’t stop at detection. It goes a step further by generating personalized, actionable feedback for each student. This automated guidance helps students correct their mistakes, refine their protocols, and deepen their understanding of scientific principles.

Kathrin Seßler, kathrin.sessler@tum.de
Arne Bewersdorff, arne.bewersdorff@tum.de

Principle Investigators

Prof. Dr. Enkelejda Kasneci, Prof. Dr. Claudia Nerdel

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