VR Public Speaking

VR Public Speaking Training for Professionals

To improve public speaking abilities in an engaging and innovative way, we explore the implementation and effectiveness of an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) platform that centers around believable public speaking situations and audiences.

Target group

As public speaking is one of the most frequently reported fears in organizations, any individual interested in improving their public speaking ability or overcoming their fear of public speaking can benefit from this project.


We aim to leverage VR to provide a novel and immersive approach to the development of public speaking skills. By fully utilizing VR technology, we seek to develop applications that provide real-time feedback to users and allow targeted interventions to work on each user’s weaknesses. Furthermore, we offer a safe and controlled environment where mistakes can be made – and explored – without consequences, enhancing the training’s effectiveness.


By creating a VR-based learning platform, we expand the range of available solutions with a tool that can support trainees at crucial junctions where traditional learning approaches reach their respective limits. We create VR applications that allow everybody interested in public speaking to have an additional tool at their disposal, which can be used independently of their current skill level, individual fears, or geographical location.

Project Outline

We investigate in multiple research projects and studies what common limitations of public speaking training are and which specific challenges trainees regularly face. By implementing various versions of VR public speaking training applications, we compare different learning mechanisms and gamified elements to explore which implementations provide the most tangible benefits. We assess what features might provide additional value to trainees and investigate how needs differ between various users (e.g., students, employees, executives). We strive to continuously evaluate new features, like the inclusion of artificial intelligence or advanced feedback mechanisms, and scientifically validate their merit.

The project is being supported by the TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab (Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus) and is being developed together with straightlabs GmbH & Co. KG.


Dr. Jakub Cichor, jakub.cichor@tum.de, Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Palmas, f.palmas@str8labs.com



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