PEER – Paper Evaluation and Empowerment Resource

PEER (Paper Evaluation and Empowerment Resource) is a tool designed to assist students in writing essays, from primary school to university level and across various genres. The tool leverages AI to provide personalized feedback and provides concrete improvement suggestions.

Target group

Students (all ages) as well as German teachers.


We aim to facilitate the learning process of good essay writing by providing all students with personalized and in-time feedback on their writing, promoting equal opportunities for all learners. On the same time, we aim to lower the workload of teachers by giving an initial analysis of the students’ essay and together with suggestions for helpful feedback and ideas for improvement.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive feedback on student essays, including specific suggestions for improvement. We want a tool that is always friendly and patient, and enables students to correct their work in a continuous improvement process which is usually not possible in a traditional classroom setting.

Project Outline

During the school years, students are taught different types of essays by their teachers. Due to time constraints, it is often not possible for teachers to provide detailed and personalized feedback on each essay. Also, the essay is usually corrected only once, without the possibility to improve it and receive new feedback. Therefore, we have developed an AI tutor called PEER (Paper Evaluation and Empowerment Resource). PEER provides comprehensive feedback on each essay, including specific suggestions for improvement. This continuous improvement process is usually not possible in a traditional classroom. We believe that PEER can help students understand the critical elements of a good essay writing and improve their own writing skills. The tutor is publicly available under
Principle Investigator

Prof. Dr. Enkelejda Kasneci


Kathrin Seßler,


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