Solar Membership

Get your individual membership in the Society for Learning Analytics and Research for free and learn about using data in learning and teaching!

SOLAR – the Society for Learning Analytics and Research is a leading scholarly society and a network of people passionate about using data collected by technologies to improve teaching and learning. The Society holds an annual conference (Core A*, ACM) which gathers over 600 people. The Society runs a free open access journal that is indexed in all major databases.

Having a membership offers you a unique opportunity to learn more about this dynamic modern area of data science in the context of teaching and learning. If you are interested in making this an important area of your own work, individual membership allows you to build your network or connect with like-minded individuals.

As an individual member via EdTech Centre

  • you receive free membership in Solar
  • you get a discount to attend the conference, which takes place annually in March, and allows for both online and face-to-face participation
  • you can apply up to 50% scholarship to attend Learning Analytics Summer Institute held internationally every June
  • you can get involved with the scholarly community by joining SIGs
  • you will receive a newsletter with various podcast, webinar, and job opportunities 
  • you can get involved in governance of the Society, vote for elections, involved in working groups – these are relevant if you have staff who wants to work in this area as they allow for networking opportunities within the Society.

The Society offers a range of services and activities, such as in-cooperation events, etc., which are on the website under the community tab.

If you or anyone you know (your team or other) are interested in receiving the individual membership, please send an email to specifying your name and a brief reason for your interest in receiving a membership. We will contact you back with the instructions on how to proceed.