TUM Center for Educational Technologies

We promote the new way of learning

Digitalization is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and learn. It is vital to the future of education and life long learning.

With its operative start in 2023, TUM is bundling its activities in the field of digitalization in education, making TUM‘s technological advances visible to the world.

In the EdTech Center, cutting-edge educational technologies are developed, tested, and optimized, with the ultimate goal to guide them to successful EdTech start-ups.

Image Video EdTech Center

We proudly present our Imagefilm for the EdTech Center first shown in July 2023. Please don´t hesitate to ask us further questions: edtechcenter@tum.de

Current activities

ILVI: New App for interdisciplinary medical education

ILVI (Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Virtual Patient Management) is a smartphone application that organizes students` learning experience from textbook knowledge to case-based learning. The first module is tailored to teach medical students interdisciplinary diagnostic management in a resource-oriented setting.

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TUM Project Weeks

We are excited to offer a variety of project weeks at TUM, providing opportunities for participants to engage, acquire new knowledge, and broaden their horizons.

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Event Series

Panel Discussion: Data Science for Social Scientists - What generative AI could offer

On 13 December we held a Panel Discussion with Prof. Oleksandra Poqet (TUM), Dr. Aneesha Bakharia, and Dr. Hassan Khosrav (University of Queensland) about new approaches to teaching and learning emerge with the advances in generative AI. What implications may this have for teaching data science and quantitative analysis skills to non-technical majors?

Watch the presentations of Aneesha Bakharia and Hassan Khosrav here.

Webinar: KI im Klassenzimmer

In this webinar on 6 December, Annika Diery and Claudia Müller-Kreiner presented basic information about AI and the latest evidence about using Chatbots in classrooms. They showed how prompt engineering works, how AI can be used to support teaching, as a learning object or to support learning. Challenges and opportunities as well as possible future scenarios were presented.

Explore the online course of the Clearing House Unterricht Academy.

Webinar: Creating teaching material with Generative AI

On 15 November, Leah Sharp (TUM ProLehre) and Anna Bodonhelyi (TUM) explored with the audience how to speed up the process of creating teaching material with some of the new AI-driven educational tools.

Watch the video of the webinar here!

Opportunies with TUM EdTech Center

Solar Membership

As educational technologies become widely adopted into teaching and learning, they allow to collect data about learning processes. These data can be analysed by researchers and used by teachers or learners to improve their practices and make decisions. Do you want to learn more about this area of work, called learning analytics? You can receive individual membership with the Society of Learning Analytics and Research for free to keep track of new developments and engage with this emergent area of research and practice. Read more


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