Technologies in Education: What's the evidence?

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Technologies have been used throughout the history of education. However, we are currently facing significant transformations and challenges regarding educational technologies. How do we know which educational tools are effective for teaching and learning from a scientific perspective?

Despite sharing new educational technologies and learning methods with and through EdTechs at TUM, we consider it fundamental to focus on what works - especially in higher and professional education. In our news nuggets, we resume the latest studies with a special focus on our research areas, as well as current discussions and relevant meta-analyses that report research results over a longer time and across many high-quality studies.

In our journal, we inform you about upcoming developments and features in educational technologies, conceptual models, or courses and services we provide for learners and educators about digital or future learning concepts.

Find out about the latest evidence for educational technologies!


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Elective course for all TUM students: Educational Technologies and Learning Analytics

Prof. Dr. Oleqsandra Poquet (Professor for Learning Analystics) and her team are teaching an elective course open to any TUM student - this is the first offering of its kind at TUM. The course serves as a gentle introduction to educational technology and learning analytics - the buzz words you may have heard around new tools and data that enters classrooms in secondary schools, university, and workplaces. Just what is the history behind these tools? What kinds are there? What do we know about their effectiveness? Should they support adaptive curriculum? Or adaptive assessment? Or is it about scaling peer interactions? What about AI in education? The course will help you understand this landscape and equip you to think critically about these things and understand 'where to next' in your own ambitions around EdTech and the use of data in learning and teaching.

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EdLab Journal

Six grades of automation - How humans and AI can optimize learning

How can we understand the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for learning and teaching and develop meaningful applications? With her model of "six grades of automation", education scientist Inge Molenaar describes the current state-of-the-art and the potential of useful human AI solutions.

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