Advisory Board

Dr. Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin is the leader of the IBM Watson Center Munich and the IBM Innovation Studio Team in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and thus responsible for the content design as well as the market relevance of the Center and the Studios. Previously, she was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for IBM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and President of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Prof. Dr. Inge Molenaar

Prof. Dr. Inge Molenaar is the Director of the National Education Lab AI & the Adaptive Learning Lab, and an associate professor of Educational Sciences. She is also a principal investigator at ERC_StG Hybrid Human-AI Regulation (HHAIR), and a Co-Principal Investigator at CELLA, the Center for Learning and Living with AI. Since 2021 she's been a  Jacobs Foundation Research Fellow.

Her research is mainly focused on technology enhanced learning, with the goal of researching and developing new technological tools using data, learning analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance learning in both primary and secondary education.

Linkedin: Inge-Molenaar | Twitter: @Inge_Molenaar

Prof. Dr. Jan L. Plass

Prof. Dr. Jan L. Plass is a Professor and Paulette Goddard Chair in Digital Media and Learning Sciences at New York University. He is the founding director of the CREATE Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technology in Education and co-director of the Games for Learning Institute. Dr. Plass’ draws from a broad range of fields, including cognitive science, learning sciences, computer science, and design to envision, design, and study the future of learning with digital technologies, with a current focus on simulations, games and XR. He has published widely and is the lead editor of the Handbook of Game-based Learning (MIT Press, 2020). Dr. Plass is a frequent national and international keynote speaker and advisor, helping governments and businesses increase the human capacity in an ecology of lifelong learning by applying cognitive science and learning sciences principles to digital solutions for learning.

Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Palmas

Professor Dr. Fabrizio Palmas is a leading expert in the fields of eXtended Reality (XR) and immersive experiences.

With a strong background in Business Administration and Computer Science, Prof. Palmas leads an interdisciplinary team at straightlabs, an EdTech award-winning leading company, in developing innovative training formats from concept to implementation. By leveraging their expertise, straightlabs has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the EdTech industry.

LinkedIn:   |   Website: