Event - Data Science for Social Scientists 2024

Data Science for Social Scientists: What Generative AI could offer

Panel Discussion with Dr. Hassan Khosravi and Dr. Aneesha Bakharia.

New approaches to teaching and learning emerge with the advances in generative AI. What implications may this have for teaching data science and quantitative analysis skills to non-technical majors?
During this event we heard two perspectives from international colleagues from the University of Queensland, Dr Aneesha Bakharia and Dr Hassan Khosravi, who presented their unique views on how generative AI could be used for teaching in higher education. International speakers presented online, followed by the local discussion on the relevance of such approaches to the context of higher education teaching and learning in Germany.

Dr Bakharia is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland with the expertise bridging electronics engineering and educational software development, with inspiring innovative views on integrating generative AI into education. Dr Khosravi is an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland works across learning analytics and AI in education, with experience working as an educational entrepreneur and academic contributions around crowdsourcing in adaptive learning environments.

The talk was a part of the project funded by the global partnership initiative between TUM and UQ. The discussion was facilitated by Dr Poquet, a professor in learning analytics at SOT.

You can watch the Panel Discussion here:

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