Clearing House Unterricht

The Clearing House Unterricht sees itself as an interface between educational research and educational practice and is aimed toward teachers and teacher educators in all phases of teacher education. Our service offer includes current research findings prepared as short reviews, podcasts, explanatory videos, and digital self-learning courses.

Target group

Lecturers and seminar instructors in university teacher education and training, trainers at further education institutes, in-service teachers, student teacher trainees, and students of the teaching profession.


The vision of the project is to summarize the rapidly developing state of research on important topics of teaching and to prepare it in a target group-oriented way for people from all phases of teacher training. In particular, the Clearing House Unterricht (CHU) aims to contribute to the continuous development of the scientific basis for teacher training and evidence-based teaching actions. The focus is on the central topic of instruction in the STEM subjects.

Project Outline

Current educational research provides a plethora of research findings that are relevant to teaching, presented in the form of scientific publications. This implies that teachers can base their training and actions on reliable knowledge. However, the abundance of information and its varying quality make it challenging for many teacher educators to maintain an overview, stay continuously informed, and integrate the latest research findings into their teaching programs.
The Clearing House Unterricht synthesizes the rapidly evolving state of research on important STEM teaching topics by carefully selecting high-quality, current, and relevant meta-analyses from the research field. The team evaluates these studies according to recognized quality criteria and presents them on this website as short summaries, tailored to the target audience.
Available Products

This format is continually enriched with additional materials, such as rating sheets, podcasts or supplementary information on the topic, which can be downloaded from the respective pages of the short reviews. Additionally, the Clearing House Unterricht is actively expanding its collection and developing more demand-oriented formats with its Academy.

Short Reviews: The Short Reviews from the Clearing House Unterricht summarize the findings of recent meta-analyses on relevant teaching topics. Meta-analyses analyze a large number of studies on a particular research question.
Podcasts: Each month, we publish an episode in which we succinctly summarize a short review again and present key findings in podcast form.
CHU-Academy: The CHU-Academy offers digital courses and teaching-learning resources for continuing education. The self-paced courses are freely accessible online – only an email address is required for registration. Participation is also available as continuing education through the system for Advanced Training in Bavarian Schools (German: FIBS).


The Clearing House Unterricht is a sub-project of Teach@TUM at the TUM School of Social
Sciences and Technology and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
(German: BMBF) within the framework of the Quality Offensive for Teacher Education of the
Federal and State Government of Germany. With this project, a clearing house in the
educational sciences was established for the first time in Germany.



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