AI-generated vs. Human Instructors

Some insights from an eye-tracking study

July 9, 2024, Guest Lecture by Prof. Zeynep Turan.

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Digital videos are frequently preferred materials in all areas of life, especially in learning environments. Recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence have made waves around the world. The emergence of tools such as ChatGPT shows that tasks previously thought to be beyond the capabilities of artificial intelligence can now be realised through various creative media production, including synthetic video production. Given the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, a logical next step in this line of research is to examine the effects of Ai-generated instructors on learning. At this point, Dr. Zeynep Turan will present the preliminary findings of her research on the impact of Ai-generated and real instructors on learning processes. She will also provide information about the current situation, future directions and the tools used in artificial intelligence-supported digital videos.

AI-generated Instructors vs. Human Instructors – Some insights from an eye-tracking study
Guest Lecture by Prof. Zeynep Turan.

Time: 09.07.2024, 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Location: Marsstraße 20, Room 604

Zeynep Turan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Education & Instructional Technology at Ataturk University in Turkey. Additionally, Zeynep Turan is currently working as a visiting researcher at Technical University of Munich in Germany. Her research interests include digital videos, flipped classrooms, MOOCs, augmented reality, distance education, and the use of artificial intelligence in education.

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